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Procrasitnation kills… the clutch

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Text 1 Nov Ignorance to Intellegence

To have the ability to be ignorant and intelligent at the same time is a skill. From the new hood drama and ratchets to the NWO and the end of time. Its the realness that never subsides… And aslong as you hold on to that youll be fine

Text 1 Nov Why I hate the holidays

Dressing up, going waaaay out of your way, associating with people that you only talk to during the holidays, trying to prove that your doing better than every one else. Its just a competition really and the holiday’s are just the show ground.¬† Holidays bring all of these things to the table. …AND for what? Most of us don’t even know the meaning or the root of the holiday, yet are the first to get all excited.


Text 25 Oct Ambition

Ambition is a way of life. Problem, what happens when your TOO ambitious? What happens when you strive for to much. What happens when your goals are realistic yet still unatainable? Every question has an answer. YOU are the answer. Its almost a duh lol. The answers to all of lifes questions reside in your heart. For me, to have the personal desire to be the best the world has ever seen is redundant. I dont want to be the best the WORLD has seen, why? Its been done before… So why strive to be some one else? Why not strive to be yourself? Thats NEVER been done. You are the only you… Even if you have been here before your still you. So.. I ask whats your ambition?

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